1. Sidney

Link: http://www.globalsporthorses.com/sidney/

75K USD but could definitely low ball on this one and get a deal

Positives: Great canter, Auto everything. A real quality horse. Been there done that type

Negative: Some maintenance to keep going. nothing major just injections, typical for a show horse of her age. Nothing that is not manageable though.

2. Cosmo Brown

Link: http://www.globalsporthorses.com/cosmo

60 USD but I think could work make something work in the 50-55 range

Positives: big guy. jumps anything. good canter. auto lead change.

Negative: I dont know how perfect this vetting would be. I have his xrays. when they bought him years ago he had some sidebone in one of his front legs. I was told it hadnt changed but if you liked him; I would suggest starting with that xray to see its progress. If no progress; I think he could be good horse. 

3. Labrie's gelding


70 USD

10 or 11yo gelding 16.1h imported from Germany. jumped the 1.40 in europe but now packing an Amateur around the 1.20/1.30. 

Positive: has alot of jumping experience. is a real quality horse that wouldnt hold her back from moving up past the 1.10 or the equitations. Vetting is very good from the spring 2017 so that should be an issue. In a good program this horse could accelerate her riding quickly. 

Negative: I dont know if its the easiest horse to ride in his mouth. what makes him great is he is a real jumping horse; but also the negative of a real jumping horse is he might not be as forgiving as others. I also dont think price is super negotiable on this one.

4. Diego

He is owned by a friend of mine on the Island and imported from a good friend of mine in Holland. 


70 USD likely not negotiable

Positives: quality, real horse priced fairly. very flashy. good age for resale. good vetting. bred and quality enough to jump the 1.20-125 no problem. 

Negative: I think can be a little 'awake' at times. Likely will need to be lunged at first day of the horse show. Maybe a professional ride once a week type of thing. What makes him nice is that he is only 8yo so good resale but to protect that investment; you will need to be willing to pay a trainer to help progress a horse like this for your daughter as well as progress him as a horse so he has value when you are finished with him. 

5. Argo




40 USD but likely a little negotiable. He is with a friend of mine in Thermal California right now; owned by a Family in Colorado and they just want out. Daughter stopped riding

10yo gelding 16.2 

Positive: he is pretty straight forward safe horse that has jumped around the 1.20 in the past.

negatives: I saw this horse go a little sideways last year with the owners daughter and a bad trainer last year. Argo is now back in a good program and happily jumping around. I would say he is a good equitation jumper type to 1.10m. I dont think he is one to get you out of a sticky distance too many times. He wants to be a safe horse that likes what he does. when the current trainer pushed him to show in the 1.20 Argo stopped on him in the ring. so I think happily he is a 1.10m horse and would do that job. 

I dont know what the vetting would be like; but at a low price like 40K it could be worth exploring. good age to either re-sell or lease. 

6. Phable



13yo 16.1 mare. very well bred. Jumped 1.30-135 this year. owner has gone off to college

90 CAD and I really dont think they are negotiable on this. It is roughly 70 USD

Positives: This mare is doing the job still. she is still competing at a much higher level than you would need her to and doing it well. She is a very gamey type and a real competitor. 

Negatives: She is 13yo and at the top of the budget :( 

7. Gringo





12yo gelding 16.1 gelding 

55 USD 

Positives: He really is the whole package. Jumped around the 1.30 this year with a rail here or there. Will take a miss from a rider at a jump and fluff it off. Good all around horse.

Negatives: This horse has minor Shivers behind which is a neurological disorder where the its a pinched or blocked nerve. When horses have it badly they are not great to backup, or get their shoes put on for the farrier or even to pick out their back feet before and after riding. Lindsay says this guy doesnt have it bad at all; good for farrier, vet, to pick up his feet, etc. but it is there and thats why his price is what it is. This can affect resale value as some new buyers shy away from this; but some top top horses have had shivers and still went on to have great careers. So he might be a great horse for you; but as a resale it might be a little more difficult; but as a lease afterwards, it wouldn't affect lease value.  


1. Maurice

You tried him today: here is the link if you need more info: http://www.globalsporthorses.com/maurice

80 CAD. first and foremost for the owner is that he goes to a loving home that will feed him lots of treats and treat him well. I think you can make an offer on this price and be able to negotiate. 

2. Koala (located on Vancouver island)


Positives: I know the horse well. she is a fantastic horse, would do everything you ever wanted and would teach her alot. 

Negatives: she is 14yo this year. No soundness issues, but age is the age. She is priced at 80 CAD. I think you could put in a low offer and see if she would take it since she is 14yo.