- Top Quality Aluminum Jumps at a Great Price! -


Our standards are the same standards you see at top horse show rings around North America. 

They are top quality Aluminum standards that have been powder coated painted. Extremely light weight with a very stable base that makes these standards great for at home or at horse shows!

Jumps are assembled in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. They can be picked up from Vancouver, or we ship throughout North America with ease! Contact us today to order! 


Very Durable Nylon Jump cup 20mm

The cups all come with a metal strip in the top 'nob' that is required to be used with break-away safety attachments

Colour options: White

Price: $9.00

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Very Durable, quality liverpools. These liverpools DO hold water! They are very well sealed and top show quality!

Sizes Available:

A) 0.5m x 3m - $150.00

B) 1m x 3m - $190.00

C) 1.8m x 3m - $300.00

*0.5m x 3m is a great size to introduce new horses and new riders to jumping liverpools

**1m x 3m is typical size that will be seen in the show ring used as a liverpool

*** 1.8m x 3m is great for starting to train big water and open water options.


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Boxwood Hedges

Quality, durable metal frame with green turf over top. Easy to move around the ring

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5' Galvanized Steel Track

Hot dipped Galvanized Metal Keyhole track 50x15mm

Easy to screw into existing wooden Standards to convert them from cup/pin standards to keyhole track standards

Price: Contact us for updated price list and availability!  

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Full aluminum base that can come in many colours

Send us your ideas for hurdles and we will bring them to life!

Colour options: Endless

Price: Contact us for updated price list and availability! 

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